Styles Offered

Yoga For Every Wave of Life

Waves of Energy: Vinyasa Yoga

Truly flowing with the waves of life. This energetic practice brings waves of flexibility and discovery of inner strength through continuous movement and attention to breath. Both creative and playful with music, the practice is filled with waves of heat before ending in relaxation.

*No previous experience in yoga is necessary

Waves of Connection: Partner Yoga

Whether wanting to connect with a romantic partner, a friend or family member. Partner yoga is a unique practice that promotes communication, brings connection and most importantly is fun. The practice itself focuses on yoga postures and stretches that partners can do together. Whilst some of the practice is guaranteed a smile, other parts encourage deep relaxation. Partner yoga is a hatha/vinyasa based style of yoga that incorporates a mix of acro yoga and Thai massage.

*Previous experience with yoga is not a must

Waves of Empowerment: Fertility Yoga

This unique class brings together both support and inspiration for helping women with natural ways to conceive. Whether you are just beginning your journey or experiencing challenges. This class will address ways to incorporate yoga to help aid fertility health, in addition address how yoga can be adjusted to different times of your cycle. The class also touches upon other natural ways to incorporate into your journey.

*Previous experience with yoga is not a must

Waves of Motherhood: Yoga for pregnancy & beyond

Pregnancy Yoga

20180903_095359-01.jpegIn this beautiful practice of Pregnancy Yoga. Based on the practice of Birthlight, the yoga lessons will help you prepare for the waves of labor through practicing different movements and breath. In addition, the lesson provides relaxation for the expectant mother and an opportunity to deeply connect with the baby.

*This practice is open to all pregnant women starting from 14 weeks until birth. Movements will be adapted in the event the mother is experiencing pelvic pain, high blood pressure or other aspects of pregnancy that call for extra attention.


Pregnancy Partner Yoga

A unique lesson that is workshop based in teaching. It connects the expectant mother together with her birthing partner. After establishing a connection of working together, attention is given to breath and into movements that will help with labor. Before ending with a deep relaxation for the greatest adventure ahead, parenthood!

*This lesson is recommended for the third trimester of pregnancy


Post Natal Yoga (with newborn)

A key component to the recovery of the pelvic area from post labor. Exercises will help reestablish the core. In addition, the class is a great way to connect with newborn baby and relax together.

*This style is suitable for new mothers from 4 weeks postpartum until baby is 6 months old. In the case of caesarean birth, the new mother should not begin until at least 6 weeks postpartum plus advise from doctor.

20190827_152246-1.jpg 20190827_152835.jpg


Waves of family: Baby & Toddler Yoga

You are never too young to start yoga! In this unique practice, both a grown up and child experience yoga together. Promoting growth, connection and movement to help both have fun and relax.

*Baby yoga is for ages 4 months until walking. Toddler yoga is for ages walking until age 3. Whilst often referred as Parent & Child Yoga. This practice is open to any type of caregiver & child.