The Life Changing Year: 8 Yoga Training’s Later

So here we are. Within a year, I completed 8 training’s, 15 workshops, hundreds of hours of classes and now teaching. The past year has been life changing to say the least. I wear yoga pants like it is a second skin and pretty much live on a yoga mat like it is the magic carpet from Aladdin. But the past year has been so much more than green smoothies and unicorns (okay they are just my cats staring at me confused). It has been a life changing journey.

It started one year ago

Life likes to throw some obstacles at you and it threw me an unexpected mountain. Whilst I will save the whole story for another time, if ever. It did lead me to a decision. I was in the middle of nowhere in China with the world’s greatest superman, known as my husband. With literally pure wanderlust at my feet. I knew that I had a choice to make. Either get completely stuck on the mountain or try and keep my eyes on what is over the mountain and move forward. So I made a choice and I decided to leave my full time job, take some time off and really focus on yoga and everything that life was telling me needed some attention. So my journey began…

It was a journey of unknown paths

I started with a plan to do only one big yoga training, but it quickly turned into more. One path led to another path and opportunities led to another opportunity. It was a path of unknowns, but I just kept following it. I had no clue what was waiting for me at the end of the journey, but knew that I should just flow with it. For the first time, I didn’t worry, but instead just trusted that everything happens for a reason. Amazingly this often impatient and structured person was pretty calm with this uncertainty most of the time, there were only a few times I nearly lost my marbles and survived through breathing and pieces of cake.

It was a journey that cost time

There is no way, I would have been able to do what I did with a full time job or kids. So respect to whoever does. Preparing for a big teacher training, involves a lot of practice. Which meant a lot of yoga classes and self practice. There was one point, I was taking a class a day. Training’s itself especially would be long days and normally meant me returning home to eat and go straight to bed. Not to mention coursework. The coursework load especially when dealing with pregnancy yoga was like writing a phd. If I put it together, it adds up to weeks of coursework and a crazy amount of cups of tea.

It was a journey that involved a community of magic

My husband gets an award for being the most patient person whilst I went away to training’s and cooked up new vegan recipes in the kitchen when he himself isn’t a fan. There are also so many other people who are pure magic. From teachers to more teachers, to new friends from courses and the opportunities to teach. So many people helped in some way to prepare me for training’s, finish coursework or simply offer a class of relaxation or words of encouragement. Thank you hardly covers it. It is simply magical this community and yes it normally involves a lot of hugs, which used to be my clue to stare at someone like a deer running into car lights. Now my arms open widely.

My body survived this journey

Actually looking back it (and with surprise). My body never got exhausted. Maybe a day or two that needed a break, but nothing crazy. At the same time, you learn so much about your body that you know when to avoid injury and what your limits are. If ever in doubt, I just put a whole jar of tiger balm on my muscles. Whilst I am not a yoga unicorn, my strength and flexibility is in a completely different world to one year ago. More importantly, I got to know my body inside and out. Every time I am doing yoga, I discover something new about my body and remember it is my inner strength that is making me balance or flex. Whilst I would love to think it is my super powers, it is simply yoga and the ability it brings to focus and look within for the strength.

My practice changed

For years, I was the one who left class when it was savasana (the sleeping part at the end), had a strong dislike for yin yoga and only would go to vinyasa classes that would make me sweat. Whilst you still will not find me in a yin class. I could now literally live in savasana. Not only that, but I appreciate a good restorative yoga class or slowing down my practice. I explored all styles of yoga and tried new teachers. Patience even found me, as I appreciate more the effort/time teachers put into classes. Alignment intrigues me more and I am open now to trying new classes and places. Before, I was not really into mantras or kirtan. In fact, I was the one in the training who would leave when it was time to sing. However, I can now say that it has grown on me and I now include it in some of my classes. Slowly all the yoga cliches found its way to me. However, the crystal rocks on my yoga mat, you’ve still lost me!

Off the mat, my life changed

My house is now pretty much a utopia of holistic stuff. From natural house cleaners to toothpaste. I ditched all chemicals and with that my headaches went away and my house seems breathable. Our cats even seem happier (except for the homemade organic cat cookie episode, which was a drama!). Our fridge, whilst not vegan, is filled with organic dairy and no processed foods. As a result, my relationship with food is so much healthier and I have a better balance. Essential oils/herbal remedies can now cure any problem and all colds are cured with oranges.  A happy home=a happy wife life 🙂

No off the mat, my life really changed

I’ve never felt more grounded, more gratitude and more acceptance. This simply sounds like a stranger to anyone who knew me 10 years ago, 5 years ago or even 2 years ago.  Sometimes life just throws you a mountain and you are forced to resolve any issue hiding inside you that you may have had in the past. If you find the right approach than it can lead to an incredible feeling. In the process you learn to let go, relax and trust. More importantly, I found balance and not the on my arms kind. I learned to find balance in life when it comes to eating, work and free time. More awareness of when more time should be devoted to something in particular. My year started with my head full of a million things and slowly my mind has become clearer and balanced. For me, yoga helped me do this.  Of course, I still have a few works in progress and a balanced mind is always questionable when it comes to me. But you will always be a work in progress. My ability to hug is even slowly working its way up from average to above average.

So this adventure comes to a close and new one begins…

It is safe to say my countless hours of yoga classes, 15 workshops and 8 training’s  is enough to seriously warrant a recovery of Netflix binging and spending time with loved ones. Now, I can just enjoy yoga and take in all the experiences. My mind has an overload of information to process and  bring to my teaching. The journey of the past year can come to a close and I can look ahead to whatever the next adventure may be. My life looks different then it did a year ago. In such a positive way. Life is  an endless journey, luckily the past year has helped me accept that whatever twist, turn or smooth straight line that may be ahead is just my path to embrace. The process of embracing this journey, just so happened to involve a yoga mat and a few good green smoothies!


Relate, share and send only positive vibes!


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