Yoga Teacher Training: A Roller Coaster Ride

I’ve just been on one of the greatest adventures of my life.  It’s a cliche, yet true when they say an intensive teacher training either changes you or awakens something in you. It’s a roller coaster from day one. It has ups and downs, energetic moments and slow moments and involves a lot of tea tree oil!

Your mind is on a roller coaster

In week one, you may hit a down slope. Whilst nobody could deny the beauty of the nature in the French Alps  or the amazing nearly 4 hour vinyasa flow sessions. Doubts run through your head. Did you pick the right training? Is your own yoga practice even yoga teacher worthy? How will you survive 3 weeks without seeing your husband or little furbabies? Should I even be a yoga teacher? Am I doing this because I had a quarter life crisis? It all runs through your head. You do your best to be positive, but you may unintentionally come across as Oscar the Grouch minus the green fur.

By week two, your mind shifts. You accept things that can’t be changed and absorb everything around you. Realizing the first week was your body and mind detoxing from all that life has thrown at you in the past year. You suddenly accept you are on one of the greatest rides of your life and you go with the flow (literally). You apply crazy amounts of tea tree oil on to keep the summer insects away while you practice as you want to get deep into your practice. You also decide that you want to challenge yourself on this adventure and accept spontaneity & that structure isn’t everything. You even decide to try paragliding and for once your mind is at absolute peace. Once or twice you remember you have a life with work and household chores outside this 3 week bubble of training & nature. But you also enjoy your me time and live on the edge by  sneaking in a beignet or two.

Week 3 is for thrill seekers. Physically the most demanding week. You get chances to think of all the possibilities ahead whilst you stare at a full moon, but some nights you enjoy just having a clear head which may have been years in the making. You get excited that soon you will go home and share all these developments with your superhero husband and friends. But a little sad to be leaving such an amazing experience.  By the end of the week, you feel relieved you have learned a lot and happy that you took the training. After all, you are now a yoga teacher!

Whilst week 4 isn’t part of the training, it exists. It is your withdrawal week.  You come home feeling refreshed, alive and ready for all the possibilities and adventures ahead. You even have crazy ideas that you want to move from the city and get a house with chickens and do yoga every day before breakfast. You are home with your loved one’s (both human & animal). But you mentally struggle what to do now that your body isn’t waking up to some epic & long (really long) morning yoga practices every morning or chatting with people who surf the same wave lengths as you. You miss sitting in beautiful nature for a few hours every day.  Your morning breakfast seems so boring compared to the magical organic bowls of treasure you had been eating the past 3 weeks. That phone you ignored for 3 weeks is now off the hook busy.  It is as if you have to readjust to the real world again.  You may even think how to get your next roller coaster of adventure moving. Or you just accept that you need some rest and to come down from one of the best roller coaster experiences of your life.

You physically change

Move over Popeye, because on an intensive teacher training your body morphs into pure muscle. From all those planks and pincha practices. You see a transformation. Balance and flexibility enter a whole new world. Your metabolism goes crazy and your cravings for protein are abnormal. The first week you may ache a little, but you are surprised you don’t need to use one of your three bottles of tiger balm that you packed. The soreness  goes away and your body gets lost if you don’t do 4 hours of yoga a day.  Your skin may go a bit crazy from all the mountain water, but everyone tells you tea tree oil will help. The crazy amounts of water you drink daily makes you question if you are half mermaid. You also accept that getting more than 6 hours of sleep a night isn’t going to happen, so you just roll with it and enjoy the adrenaline. You learn about your body more and realize that you really can’t do some poses when you are tired.

Returning home after 3 weeks. Your body is just as lost, as you can’t maintain the same amount of practice every day. Or your body could now sleep through an apocalypse.  You also must decide how you want to approach your yoga practice now? You may even decide to take a break from yoga or mix it in with some other type of exercise. But eventually your body finds itself to where it feels at home again and your desire to eat 6 eggs goes away.

You see some amazing paths

Words do not describe some of the magical things people are doing out there with both their own yoga practice, but also bringing yoga to others. Some of your fellow yoga students may just be some of your greatest teachers.  More importantly, you don’t feel alone. Everyone’s path to how they arrived at their yoga mat is different, but many can relate to some of the same struggles that you may have had. A reassuring flood of your doing okay may come over you.

You also find comfort in that everyone around you are in their own levels of practice. What may be easy for one person is difficult to you. Yet you may find another pose that is easy to you, but difficult to another. Or you may simply be in awe of some of the breathtaking poses that some people can do that make you really believe that they may be half human and half magical creature!

Every adventure has a beaten track

Nothing will prepare you or your mat from the stampede of different feet it will experience or the amount of sweat that will rain down on it. Whilst the many bottles of tea tree oil (its a magical potion!) floating around the training did it’s best to keep your mat clean. By the end of the training, your yoga mat looks like a path well traveled. You, yourself may feel like everything that brought you to this roller coaster experience on a mat in the middle of the French Alps makes sense. Now you have so many adventures ahead to experience. Or this adventure may just get a new chapter. Whatever is ahead, you know you have just been on one of the greatest roller coasters of your life!

Relate, Share, Join & Send positive vibes only!

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