When your upside down: On & off the mat

Something shifted in me lately.  My mood, thoughts and energy changed. Maybe blame the full moon, a crazy schedule or simply  an overload of green juice. But everyday felt like a headstand gone wrong. Trying to put my finger on the reason has had my head going in circles & upside down. The last few weeks have been equally random, anxious, exciting & fun. Yet somehow in between steaming essential oils to fall asleep and being completely freaked out by the Handmaid’s Tale (a must watch).  I came to a few realizations that came just in time for my intensive training.

Just go with the flow

Unexpected things will always happen. Sometimes stupid little things that will completely change your week schedule. Despite a lot of yoga practice each week, it was sleeping on a new pillow that knocked me out for more than a week. Go figure, the new pillow caused my neck to do something so I couldn’t move my neck or arm for almost a week. Out of all the headstands I practice, it was a pillow that knocked me out like a light. Yet somehow, I just accepted it and went with the flow. I fully surrendered that I couldn’t practice yoga for a few days. In addition unexpected surprises were coming at me from all angles. Despite my energy being a little low, I just took a breath and decided that when it is right it will come so just go with the flow.

Trying new things

On top of this, my mind was a bit at a stalemate. I enjoy yoga, but something in me was getting scared that I was getting bored. Luckily I attended a workshop that had me fall in love with yoga all over again. But I knew something still had to change. Another lesson for my yoga unicorn journey perhaps; the importance of trying new things and continue to try new things. So I tried some Ashtanga yoga with a friend in the park and looking into new places to visit for a workshop or class every now and then. When I return from my intensive training, I will add in some non-yoga exercise that I used to love to do. Shake the routine up and if I am really brave may even head out for a run.

Ignore the ridiculous

Perhaps another reason why something in me was shifting came from disappointment. I started listening to an unnamed yoga podcast that everyone rages is so real and great. Whilst one episode was great, the rest down right scared me if this is the yoga world I am entering. I was missing the genuineness that everyone raged about and felt it was so superficial and about popularity or their need to brag that I was left let down. Some other yoga blogs didn’t help this feeling. Is this really the message the yoga community wants to give to people? Needless to say that podcast went off my list. In addition, really had a look at who I was following on Instagram. Luckily I quickly opened my social media and realized there are some great yoga people out there who genuinely want to help people learn, support each other, encourage each other  and prosper without expecting the world in return.

Anxious or Excitement, just embrace it

The biggest shift in me lately has been the anxiousness for leaving for my intensive training. Not only is it my first time being away from my husband for so long. But everything about the weeks ahead screams adventure. Everyone says how teacher training will change you and no I don’t think it’s the growing the tail kind. They say something in you will be discovered. That is a big lead up!

My mind is so curious how physically I will cope, my energy levels, how will I tackle anatomy, will my yoga be good enough and what indeed I will be thinking about in the next few weeks. In addition, an intensive training means you are around the same people for an intensive period. So naturally, the 90’s in me thinks of a crazy episode of The Real World. But all of this anxiousness I realize isn’t anxiousness, it is excitement. This is after all, the moment I have been waiting for. So far the only feeling I have received from the people I will soon meet in person is positive vibes and I haven’t heard anyone every say they regretted doing a training.

Being a little scared or anxious is natural. But happily, that energy has turned into a girl who feels like she is off to summer camp.  With a big smile, picking out some new yoga clothes at the store, checking my packing list every day and looking at the weather forecast to remind myself in the down time I will be in beautiful nature. My journal is filled will ideas of things to think about in the weeks to come.  Most importantly, my excitement comes from this overpowering gratitude to be in this place where I have the opportunity to go. The people and the fun we will have. In addition, the superhero waiting for me when I return in almost a month. Every obstacle that led me to this point is overcome and here I am happy and excited to do this. So indeed, my mind has been a roller coaster lately.

And off I go….

The last few weeks have been odd on the mood and energy front. But I embraced it and ready to go on this adventure. So with a backpack packed that will make Dora the explorer jealous. Here I go with an open mind, positive vibes and ready to learn & give lots of hugs (its a yoga thing). My head feeling upside down both on and off the mat will be most welcomed as I will just embrace it and go with the flow.


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