Balancing on Air: A relaxed state of mind

Between a crazy schedule, home improvements, new opportunities and yoga practice. It would be logical to scream or eat an entire batch of cookies. Yet, here I am enjoying every moment wondering if I am on some magical carpet ride and the rug will be swiped out from under me. Then with a deep breath, I realize it isn’t magic, karma or a gift from beyond. It doesn’t have to go away. Because it is simply balance.  It just so happens that with the right balance, it can literally feel like your balancing on air.

So much to do

Events fill the calendar, trips get planned and must do errands get a timeslot too. Yet, I’ve never felt so relaxed or as if I actually have nothing to do. There is a key to this and looking at this weeks schedule it becomes clear. I am indeed busy, but it is with things that I enjoy.  The must do things are thrown in between coffee dates with friends, yoga class and simply extra time to just relax at home. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fairy with only magical things to do. I have errands, dentist appointments, tax returns and other non-thrilling things to do just like everyone else. It is just I can approach those things more positively as I know that there is good stuff planned too. It is simply balance.

Home is where the crazy is

Okay maybe home improvements is a big word to use. But our home has gone through a transformation that has probably left my husband afraid of what’s next. It started with planting a garden, which was a shocker for both my husband and myself (I don’t do flowers!). Next I moved on to a few candles and it quickly grew to a collection of essential oils. Burning different oils based on moods each night is now a daily occurrence. Plus, there was switching cleaning products to organic products plus all cosmetics too. Also, the time that even I can admit I took it too far as I tried to make gluten free organic cat treats thanks to a Netflix documentary. Finally, there was a switch that I would do my yoga coursework at the library. Basically our home is a home. It isn’t a place for work, instead it is a place for relaxing and spending time together or having friends over. It is a place where good food is found, safe soap is a scrubbing and lavender is diffusing to send us into a relaxed state.

Then there is Yoga

I used to be the one who sneaked out during shivasana, the one who would try and get home sooner as there wasn’t enough hours in the day. I don’t even know this person anymore. Now a 1 hour yoga class is 2 hours. I don’t rush. I talk with new people and enjoy a cup of tea. Taking in the yoga community around me. Being only a month away from my big intensive training. Yoga is a daily occurrence. Again finding balance was key as I didn’t want to be at yoga every evening if my husband was at work all day. So combing home practice with classes at a studio in mornings and evenings have created a perfect balance.  Whilst I have been pretty relaxed lately, which is a 100 degree turn from one year ago. Sometimes I still need to be reminded to slow down and breath. Yoga does this. Just like a hard yoga pose will come to you in your own time. So does other things in life. Job opportunities, deciding on what yoga trainings to do, trying to tackle coursework. It will come when it comes. You don’t need to be superwoman as she is only fiction anyhow, instead it is okay to take things one at a time.

Breathing in balance like Air

Maybe it is the supportive people around me, the challenges I overcame or simply too much maca powder in my smoothie. But this balancing thing feels pretty good, mostly because I feel like I am balancing on air. Feeling light, because my mind isn’t busy. It is simply open minded, a lot less judgmental, relaxed and more importantly feeling like I can take on whatever the day ahead brings. Now if only I can figure out the actual physical balancing in air part….

Relate, share and send only positive vibes!

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