Not Quite a Yoga Unicorn…yet

My days of yoga pants, smoothies and my cats not happy I’m invading their nap times are here! Now in full on sabbatical mode and no longer going to work everyday, I’ve upped my yoga ante (like 5-6 times per week) to prepare for my big training in June, bumped up the healthy recipes and living on the wild side by taking an afternoon nap.  In the meantime, fellow yogis may relate to my experiences so far, my family may wonder what fairytale world I’m living in and my husband is still superman going along with my adventure. So am I sweating glitter and blossoming a wing yet? Well, let’s just say that I’m getting there!

Everyday Sparkles

Quickly realizing I needed to catch up on some serious napping. I had to forego my plan to win a Nobel Prize and instead take little leaps towards my goals. Believe it or not. I set rules. No sleeping in past 9am, no TV until 5pm and need to get out of the house at least once a day. Actually, I have a lot of reading to do for my trainings. I also try and do things I normally wouldn’t do. Last week, I lived on the wild side and drank a cup of coffee, had a cocktail and stayed out past 10pm. What can I say? I’m living on the edge. Basically, I am a little more relaxed. Maybe that is why suddenly I see all the opportunities ahead, have a drive to go on adventure after adventure and simply enjoy how every day is a different day.

Maybe I’m getting a wing?

My body is changing that’s for sure. I ache and get stiff when I don’t do yoga for a day. But I also have moments where my body is like liquid and so fluid and can easily move in flexible poses without a second thought. There are parts of my body that is like steel and other parts that are missing strength. Some days I can do one position easily and the next my body forgot how to do it. I tried to throw in a run and my hamstring basically gave me the message that it only does yoga now. Basically, there are changes happening and I’m not sure if some magical tail is about to come out.

There is a rainbow in my kitchen

The yoga world is filled with lots of green food, so it was bound to rub off on me. Timing was on my side as it’s Passover so automatically about 5 food groups just went to non-existent in my diet so I guess it is a detox from a higher power ;)! But having time to try new recipes and make my own lunch has brought on some serious dish duty in the kitchen. My blender has been hard at work. The ability to have so many fruits and vegetables in the fridge and knowing it wont go to waste is magical.  Not having to plan meals based on coming home late from work is a huge bonus. Most importantly, I can really focus on eating healthy, nothing to do with weight just good old fashion vitamins and nutrients. My husband asking why there is rabbit food in the fridge is music to my ears.

My bag of magic is getting bigger

Learning so much is an understatement. The amount of yoga books floating around our house is a lot to take in. The knowledge and philosophy I’m gaining from workshops and trainings feels like suddenly some things in life make sense. The things I can share with friends is like the best party trick since a magic hat and rabbit. Every week something new. The bag of magic will just keep growing too, as every yoga teacher has a different view and every person moves in a different way.

Being a person was getting too complicated, time to be a unicorn

It is true, I am falling into some epic clichés of smoothie making, getting energy from moon cycles and living in yoga pants (to my defense I go to a class almost everyday). I also feel a bit more alive and  calm, gratitude is like a sixth sense and I even do hugs now.  All the possibilities ahead give energy. There is so much light ahead. I’m still not sure what magical fairy dust was thrown on my life. But if I look back 1 year ago to what my life is today. I’m feeling pretty groovy. So if I could keep this magical feeling minus getting a horn. Then being a unicorn is where I’m heading.

Relate, Share, Join and send only positive vibes.

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