The Journey Begins: Preparing for Yoga Teacher Training

So you decided you want to become a yoga teacher?  Right away your family & friends are probably thinking your new wardrobe is purely yoga pants, your kitchen has become a utopia of vegan food and that you may be another one who fell into the yoga hype. You are not the only one. There is a crazy amount of people who are becoming yoga teachers. Yet, nobody really talks about what it takes to prepare and do a teacher training. Full disclaimer; Instagram is full of magical yogis who are like unicorns doing some crazy poses in beautiful locations…a magical unicorn I am not. But my experiences of wobbling on a mat are things everyone may relate to. So what have I experienced so far at the start of this journey to my teacher training?

Right Reasons

You need to do it for the right reasons. Right away people assume yoga teaching is my next big career move. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. But money and career is not the reason for deciding to do the training. My decision to become a yoga teacher was a gradual journey (more about my story here). Last year wasn’t the greatest, but still something positive was happening…my yoga journey. Yoga was my go to for finding ways to move forward and connect. Over the span of the year, our living room was being taken over by yoga mats, yoga books and two confused cats. I attended some great yoga workshop and my instincts kicked in that this is something for me. Not just the 29-year-old me, but the me in 5 years or 10 years and beyond (you can read more about my influences here). The positive feelings and thoughts it brings, makes me want to be a more patient and calmer person. Full disclaimer; to anyone I crossed paths with when I was younger as I wish I made that discover then too!

It is just an extra bonus that in the future I can share my own experiences with yoga to other people in a safe and guiding way.


Once you decide you want to do a training (an intensive one in my case). Wow, you need to prepare. You can’t just show up to do 21 days of yoga and expect it to be a breeze. Whilst my teacher training is still a few months away. Already, I am trying to do at least 4 times a week at the studio and build up from there. In addition, throw in some home practice.

My hope is that before I leave for my training that I am at the studio 6 times a week and maybe twice a day. In addition, already setting goals for core and head stand practice. By April, I hope to master a head stand.  In the meantime, everyone should stay clear whilst I am trying, because it’s going down and I’m yelling timber!


There is a whole new world to learn. Just when you think you figured out one philosophy, another teacher says something so thought-provoking that it sends you into another path of knowledge. There is also anatomy that at some point you will need to learn and alignment is another big one too. Personally, I find it all interesting as I was definitely a library geek during my university days. The best part is that this yoga journey of knowledge will never end. You will always learn a new philosophy or story. So you better be up for a never ending road of knowledge as it really goes in one direction and that is forward.


The journey is full of surprises. Poses you thought you couldn’t do, you realize you can. Whilst things that seem easy, you struggle with. There are also some days where you feel like you don’t have enough experience to become a teacher and other days you feel you can conquer anything. On another level, it is also pretty cool all the people you cross paths with and the stories they share. Basically every day is full of surprises.


It’s okay. Not every practice will be full of energy. Some days you may just be tired and exhausted. But that is simply how life works. Don’t get too hard on yourself. I used to be a huge opponent of yin (slow) yoga, as I like to keep moving and not slow down. Well, I can now say I have been converted to an occasional yin yoga class attendee. You have to listen to your body and sometimes a very flexible or strong move just isn’t possible in that moment.


You know that line ‘I didn’t choose the thug life, the thug life chose me?’ Well that applies to yoga. I didn’t choose the yoga life, the yoga life chose me. Yoga sometimes spills off the mat into your daily life. Elements of yoga such as gratitude and kindness are things you think more about.  You probably set more intentions and think more throughout the week. Whilst being vegan isn’t a yoga requirement, my  own diet is mostly that. Every clothing shopping trip now has me asking if I can where that shirt in yoga class. Basically you think about yoga a lot 🙂


Did I mention I am not a magical yoga unicorn yet? Nonetheless, these are my observations so far and I look forward to sharing more. In the meantime, I am off to sip on a green smoothie in my yoga pants and do some yoga!

Relate, share, join and send only positive vibes.

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