Smoothie Season Has Started: Berry Energy Smoothie

Guilty. I got on the smoothie train. Throwing things into a blender gets me excited and I treat it like a science lab. You just can’t go wrong. So apologies if a slew of smoothie recipes comes your way in the coming weeks. I just throw it in a nice jar and hit the road with my smoothie to sip on during my morning walk to the office. This one is just a powerful fruity explosion that will energize you in the morning.

So in a blender throw in

  • Half frozen banana
  • Handful frozen blueberries and yellow berry mix
  • 1 tsp organic peanut butter
  • 1 tsp maca powder*
  • 2 tbsp hemp seeds**
  • 1 cup almond milk (more if needed)

Turn that mixer on and bam. You may need to add more milk if needed to get the consistency you need. This serves 1 person.

*Here goes my maca powder disclaimer ;)…Maca powder is literally a plant extract from South America and a superfood. There are many theories behind it. Some say it increases energy and improves mood. Others say it is a powerful tool for fertility and libido. Some say you should avoid it if pregnant, whilst others say it is great for pregnancy. I am not a doctor so can’t say, so completely up to you to include the maca powder or not. The recipe works well without it as well. I just like to add it as an extra kick.

**Hemp seeds, another superfood! Like chia seeds, they expand when wet. So it will make the smoothie thicker and fill you up for longer. They also pack in some protein and vitamin E.

Have an awesome breakfast!


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