Housewife Transformations: From Kitchen Affairs to Hostage Situations

I am having an affair in our kitchen.  Every time we meet for a rendezvous,  this housewife realizes there is a lot of things she is transforming in her house and self. It just so happens these rendezvous’s are with our new food processor and the moment we met I knew my marriage would never be the same with speedy vegetable chopping and new recipes we could enjoy. My encounters of pesto making and vegetable grating have brought moments of clarity and inspiration. My husband  gets to hear every sound of the matter and believes he now lives in a factory. When our food processor arrived, our household routine was flipped upside down . But it was just a piece of the bigger puzzle and acts as a daily reminder of the many transformations in this housewife’s mind, which most certainly many can relate, especially this time of year.

As long as it isn’t rabbit food….

Everyone can relate to changing their food routine, especially in the new year. You easily get wrapped up in the latest food trend and before you know it you have a stockpile of chia seeds. My new found love for Instagram recipes has offered me support that I join the many wives out there who must resort to tactics when it comes to serving dinner every night. Thanks to some great recipes,my husband only caught on a few weeks ago that I have slowly been transforming our household diet for the past few months. I could write a novel why, but long story short. I learned the hard way that what you eat can effect you in so many ways, which continues to effect me.

To cut the story short, we basically are doing a sort of Paleo diet + oats, but  we still go a little crazy on the weekends and travels. Since he considers hummus the greatest food group on earth. We basically made a deal long ago that I don’t cook anything a rabbit would eat (vegetables-no really- like almost all vegetables) since he is not a fan. However, this once vegan is crazy about her vegetables, so I had to strategically plan dinners. By the use of recipes that hide vegetables, I made my moves to bring him over to the green side. It is safe to say I am not the first to strategically plan dinner like a Star Wars battle.

Honey, a book is to read not for decoration…

Call me crazy, but in the year 2016 there is still a whole world of reading out there outside of recipes and cute quotes on twitter.  So I stocked up on books like I was preparing for doomsday. My husband was convinced I ordered the books for a new attempt at a decoration project, so he put them straight onto our shelf. But it is a good marriage if you can still shock the other and I immediately started a rampage of reading.  Some of the books were filled with new recipes-of course- but also something new to me. Books on planning, reflection and gratitude and how to use this in every day life. Through daily reading and note taking,I have been a woman on a mission to get a clue. Daily reflection has become an essential part of the day complete with media free times and burning essential oils.  In the process, I have transformed our house into a scene from Seven Years in Tibet!

It’s not a negotiation if I’m right … 

Somewhere along the line; chores, needing to go to the Ikea and the biggest strategic plan of them all Saturday supermarket shopping became high stakes negotiations and strategic moves. Not only are all those things a true test of marriage, but they are just a pain in the behind for any average sane person. In the past, I would lay the ground work all week and build up to my weekend request of house repairs or store visits.  Over time my husband was too smart for my  own good and we would enter a good old fashion debate and enter high stakes hostage situations of hiding evening snacks or phones just so one of us could get our way.

Call it a transformation or just pretending to be wrong, but lately negotiation has turned into compromise. We exchange things so both end up happy. We find a way to both get what we want. So far it has come in handy in conquering the supermarket like a pair of superhero’s or recently the most useful of putting up with each other’s political choices (…or I just get a headache and go into daily reflection) . Compromise has become my latest transformation that I put into daily practice and it most definitely is a winning tactic.


So as I cook dinner every evening with the food processor pulsing away the latest recipe.I take the time for myself to recall all the little steps I am taking to make some transformations for the better.  Almost everyone has these phases. Fortunately, my husband has been a real trooper and gone along with these transformations. Unfortunately for my husband this means our kitchen has become a disaster area of dishes and he just happens to be on dish duty every evening!

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