When Pinterest causes life realizations…

Not going to lie, between the thrill of now officially getting to wear an apron with the sole purpose of being a housewife to using my (absolutely non-existing fictitious 4 months in use) wedding Pinterest board. I am one happy gal. Whilst I could go on and on about this special time blah blah blah, let’s just cut to the chase. Being a traditional bride just isn’t the way it used to be. In fact, you are faced with some life realizations, which you always are when you come to the quarter life chapter.

From past posts, it is no surprise that I will be having some very traditional parts to my wedding. My lucky groom gets kicked out of the house the night before we are married, the wedding cake better be Michelin star worthy and finding a Rabbi is as important as Obama’s social calendar. In the meantime, I continue to show my potential as good housewife material through folding laundry, cooking and yelling at my prince charming to take the garbage out. I organize recipes to ensure my prince has energy (to take the garbage out of course!) and keep track of when the house needs to be cleaned. In my world, this is exactly how it should be, I get a rise out of playing the housewife role.

However, I have soon realized that many assume that this is the end of single me and soon I will be a stay at home mom. They look at me like I have come from another planet (I do wonder sometimes) or I am some crazy religious person. Queue my annoyance with half of the Dutch population! Just because you get married doesn’t mean you will be child bearing like it is spring on a farm. In fact, is it not possible that this 26 year old can enjoy working for a few years and enjoy having actual beauty sleep? No disrespect to those with kids, but this gal even finds her pet cats to be too much work at times, imagine an actual breathing human.

Let’s also keep it real, my wedding is already planned. Pinterest (which I uhm absolutely never used until I got engaged) is the greatest creation on earth. My stress is non-existent, the phone calls to transfer my very new Pinterest board to an actual wedding day was pretty easy. My only goal now is to fit into a dress. To my horror, my mother who not only offered that I could wear one of her many wedding dresses (yes plural!) began talking about how to do invitations, napkin colors, reading magazines for ideas etc. Had to stop her to let her know planning a wedding is not how it used to be. Basically my phone is my lifeline, invitations are made and sent within 30min, my non-existing new Pinterest account gives me cute ideas, I don’t need to send carrior pigeons and an Ipod replaces some horrible wedding band. Yep, this modern bride is chillaxed as a pinna colada.

Through the first phase of wedding planning and getting engaged, I have come to realize you hit a point where no Disney movie has prepared you for. You must realize what kind of bride and future wife you shall be. For me, I realize that I will have a balance. Being a modern bride with a traditional twist. So a new sub-chapter begins in my quarter life chapter. I am confident there will be just as many life realizations.

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