Hibernation is for bears not people in their 20s!

Yep, it is safe to say I have turned into one of those people. The type who dresses up to go on an adventure to Ikea because that is the only highlight of the week. Like clockwork hitting the alarm button, going to work waiting for the end of the day only to go home again. My housewife skills are shaping up because my weekly task of sewing curtains and cleaning have overtaken my ability to even open a bottle of wine. Pretty positive this is not what my years of education had in mind. Or photos of my former self either. I admit it, I have been in the quarter life hibernation phase. The phase where one hibernates and contemplates life. Only made worse by the fact that 2 cats have entered the scenario and I seem to forget I am now having one-sided conversations. This is not what you are supposed to do when you are 26. Not sure what happened, but somewhere along the line I got pre-occupied. With what? All those WTF moments that’s what!

Let’s be honest, anyone who says they enjoy working and are in their twenties is blatantly lying. People our age are too pre-occupied with trying to balance having fun and ignoring the truth that life is expensive. Whilst I can’t complain being in my position in this economy. Let’s get real, every time I open the post box I just assume it is another weird tax to pay. You hit the realization moment that money goes either to your house or saving for something you need in the near future. The even scarier part is that whilst you can enjoy your money now for yourself. One day you will be working only to be able to take care of your children. Another reason children will not be in my agenda for the coming years.

If you work 40 hours, workout 3 times a week and still have energy to save the world than great call yourself superman, but I do not possess that superpower. How can I not hibernate? Sleep is the most amazing thing in the world. I fear for the future when I can’t sleep a full 8 hours a night. I think my other half fears for me as well. Sometimes when you try to fall asleep and feel exhausted it can be a moment where you realize this could potentially be the rest of your life until retirement. Not a positive thought!

Are you kidding me? I can’t be the only person my age to have hibernated and forgotten there is a world outside of pinterest. My hibernation has been fueled by the ability to make lists of things to do. From redoing bedrooms to dealing with clearly first world problems of what cake to make. Somehow I am busy, yet in reality not. It is a panic mode when you realize your list of things to do whilst your cats watch both a) does not count as human interaction and b) does not count as things you have to do. I am not the first person to make reasons why they can’t go out drinking.

Say what? I am not wearing matching underwear today? Crazy as it may seem I remember the days, back in the day when I was in my early twenties. Every day was about wearing the right thing and ensuring everything matched, including my underwear and bra. I even felt I couldn’t have a good day unless I was wearing matching underwear. Now I just throw on clothes to get to the office on time so I can leave at the end of the day on time. Doing cleaning in the closet is an eye opener as you realize you have about 50 outfits but have kept about 6 in rotation. Epic sad times.

Really? You have to mention cats again?! Perhaps the worst and best thing of the past few months. Best because getting kittens is really like children. They sleep, eat, play, poop, eat more, poop more…the best part is they love to make noise at odd hours of the night. Who knew kittens could be the best form of birth control as if their behavior is any indication of what children will be like then thanks but no thanks for now on the children front. Having two kittens however have not only fueled my hibernation further, but pretty positive they have some evil plan going on in their cute little heads that they are trying to keep me in hibernation. They have not only opened a whole new world of topics for internet searching, but also have made me feel like it is so easy to add more housewife duties to the rota such as more cleaning and following the cliché of taking a weekend afternoon nap with your cat. None of this have been good for a world outside of hibernation.

So what now? Well I know I am not the only person to have found themselves stuck in that place where they realize they have entered the real world and this is what the rest of their life will be. It is a classic case of quarter life hibernation. So what to do? Well….hmmm…yep still thinking..mmm hmm…maybe..nah…erm…ah ok. Make a list of things to do! This time a list that does not involve pinterest or kittens. Instead a list of things to do to get back to pieces of my former self. Already did some damage by going cloth shopping, now going to head back to gym instead of working out at home away from humans. Maybe if I am really adventurous make my other half head to Ikea whilst I stay home. Ooh get some bonus points by staying out past midnight. I am not saying I will go back to my former self who could certainly party all night. I mean c’mon sleep is only natural when you get older and essential for beauty!

Sometimes you just need to realize you may have headed into a cave and now need to head back out. After all if you want (and I really do) to move on to the next chapter of life you got to do some things to get there and that can’t be done in your quarter life hibernation!

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