Getting Domesticated and not even complaining!

There is something wrong about being 26, living with a great guy and enjoying organizing the house. What could be wrong? I am in Holland. Looking around young women my age think I am crazy. After all , I am not following the Dutch norm.  Not to be one to stereotype, but amongst speaking to other internationals we quickly realized that people in Holland date for years, then move in together and maybe at some point children and marriage may come along. Dutch women are very independent individuals who will easily put any man in his place and tell him when to go to Albert Heijn (supermarket) or not.  That is perfectly okay, but it just means I am coming across as the girl who has been domesticated like a traditional woman. Well, to be honest, I am not complaining no not at all.

It is true, the past 7 months has been nesting the house and debating who decides the tv channel (my Snookie & Jwow guilty pleasure is an obstacle). But by no means do I come home from work and put on an apron (although some colleagues are convinced I do). However, I am not going to lie, I do take pleasure in making the shopping list, cleaning the house and laundry, well, that just takes me to whole new level of happiness.  My favorite shopping experience is IKEA and the supermarket. Eating dinner at the table is a daily essential. The highlight of my week is the weather changing so I can start to garden.  My love for my significant other has led me to agree to get a cat, even though my love is for dogs. We will just say it is out of love that I agree to that one, although his decision is the end all in the house (not traditional at all!). The other week I met with one of my favorite friends who I do not see often, as I explained my house and getting a cat, I know 110% that she thought I was crazy. She thought I am this traditional woman stepping of the pages of a history book. After all, shouldn’t we be downing tequila shots at our age? Luckily, I don’t think she would expect anything less than my traditional standpoint. It is psychology 101 that my business minded mother and nannies makes me want something I never had, tradition! The Jewish background just adds a whole new dimension, do you know how many holidays I must prepare the house for?!

In reality though, I am not that traditional. I am just at a different point in life then most Dutch women. From my teenage years to about 4 years ago, I had enough tequila, table dancing and wild nights to fill me for a lifetime. I don’t feel like I am missing out. Maybe I am traditional, but with a modern twist. I don’t think women of 50 years ago would be too proud that my cooking skills have gone downhill and the man of the house is now the cook. Or admittedly, he is also the better cleaner of the stove. By no means do I always do what the man says either, my profound willingness to question and say no is a sport in itself. My life is still exciting, it just is as at a different point to many Dutch women. I have seen the world, partied and now have 2 languages to conquer, re-learning to drive, fitness and working 40hrs.  Did I mention, the harsh reality that Dutch apartments are not made for dogs really is a trauma to recover from?! By no means am I on a mission to add baby to the traditional role, I need to conquer cat parenting first. Nor am I saying I am never going to dance on a table again. I am just in my traditional domestic role and I am not complaining!

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