Hmmm: A cliché phase and unexpected thank you’s




Oy Vey, Oy Vey! What a time, what a time! The phase where you eat chocolate and 2 croissants for breakfast and could care less. You haven’t seen the gym in days and your last trip to the supermarket seems like years. Work suddenly seems like a tropical holiday and you feel like your floating, but your feet are on the ground. Guilty. I have fallen victim to the cliché phase of the start of something beautiful. The beginning phase of something good when you ask yourself everyday if your crazy, because suddenly it seems like Disney got everything right. As you drink your much needed coffee, you realize the world suddenly makes a little more sense. How is possible that meeting someone can send such an energy through you that life seems even clearer then before? Is it some chemical reaction? Is psychology right and attraction can really send happy endorphins to your head? Is it simply mother nature like Adam and Eve? Patience and waiting? A Lucky bra? Who knows, but one thing is for sure and that is through this amazing feeling you suddenly get wiser. Not saying, I am suddenly Einstein, but my book of life is now a bit more sophisticated with the life lessons. Life lesson of the week? Oh dear brace yourself, we have to be thankful for our past failed romantic conquests.



Where to begin, where to begin? I realized something as I tend to do at my wonderful age. The realization that through my historical romantic life that from each relationship you take away something positive. For example, I have learned that your self-respect comes first, some compromises shouldn’t be made, things you like, things you hate. It is as if learning from your romantic past, you realize what your ideal partner is. You realize what you can improve in yourself to make something work for the future. You learn from your mistakes, which means you can only prevent them this time around. It’s as if your past relationships have helped you mold into something good for this time around. They have guided you into knowing when something feels right. More importantly and oh wow this is the show stopper, but you realize that when you have a different feeling from all the others that this is a good sign. It’s as if one day someone walks into your life and suddenly you realize what was missing all along in your past and that is why it didn’t work. You just see things clearer, you know better. This is only a positive, it only helps guide you to something good. To the right direction.



Naturally, there are a few awkward dates I wish I could forget. One or two relationships I wish to erase. Defiantly quite a few what the hell was I thinking moments. There are a few lessons I could have done without. But I only learned from it all and is only more experience to help me in the right direction. Suddenly your past romantic history can close its chapter and feel resolved. Oh dear, I really need to consider questioning my sanity as I read what I am writing. Look at me? Stuck in the cliché of romantic bliss and thanking my exes. This is worst then taking 30 minutes to decide where is the best pizza take-away is because you want only the best for your romantic night.


My colleague nearly spit out her coffee when I informed her that I am helping host a dinner party with my ex and my new romance will be joining. However, why not? You realize that you and your ex were never going to work, you also realize that everything you took away from that relationship has only made you stronger. In a way, I should be thanking him that our failure has guided me into the right direction and into a new happiness that is a different feeling then before. I now feel guilty that I threw a glass at him when he once told me he was in love with someone else, because I now know what that feeling of being in that crazy falling in romantic bliss is like. It is hopeless, you’re so happy that even the worst day seems like a piece of cake. So yes, I want to give my ex a hug and thank him. Plus there is no point of keeping a bad vibe when there is no longer a reason for it. Of course, if I thought my ex would be like an unhappy bear in a cage at the zoo, I wouldn’t submit my new romance to that. However, this is not the case. Maybe I need a glass of wine to ease my few nerves about this, maybe even a bottle. However we are all living life and just going with the flow. Sometimes you have to let go and move forward. I am not sure what forward I am heading, but it is a good ride into the right direction!


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