The signs we fail to see

 A big event may hit you like an unexpected hurricane. This is a big life sign that you simply can not ignore. Reality now is hitting you like a big wave and you realise you should have not been ignoring all the signs just because some little one’s made the future look bright. Guilty as charged, I found myself in this position this month. I wish I could say my blog absence was due to a tropical holiday, but this was not the case. On my way to a former prince charming’s house, I had an unfortunate experience as I walked from the metro station. The days after while I laid in bed and not at work, every thought possible came to my mind. While being in the wrong place at the wrong time is the only answer I will ever have for what happened. It does not leave my mind that if I hadn’t ignored all the signs of my former prince, then I would not have been on my way to his as our short-lived fairytale would have been closed a few months ago. However, this was not the case, as I was a follower to the selective signs lifestyle. Allow me to explain….

 Somewhere between unexpected life events and forgetting that 6pm at the gym is happy hour, a thought came to me. That thought being the signs of life and our selective choice of acknowledging all these signs. Why is it that many women who date or in the start of a relationship only look at the good and often small signs? When we want something to work, we look to the little signs for a boost to make us feel that we will succeed in a relationship. A nice horoscope, better sex then your ex, an unexpected call or how you finally have your dream date of dancing to jazz in your living room as it rains outside. We focus on these little signs that things are going well, that we fail to ignore the bigger picture, because it ruins our mindframe that we will at last succeed in a relationship. You know the bigger signs that a future together would mean a lot of unrealistic compromises that you are not comfortable with? The big and bad sign that you met someone crazier then you and really for the world’s sake there should only be one crazy person in the relationship! Or more importantly, you find yourself defending yourself as if you were a lawyer on L.A. Law.

I am pretty positive many can relate to the fact that we ignore the negative signs in favor for the little positive signs that make us believe that we no longer have to keep searching and our future is easily laying next to you. We are even guilty beyond the signs of a relationship. C’mon you know, the sign your clothes are fitting tighter but you ignore it and eat a cookie anyway. The sign that something doesn’t feel right at your dream job only to realise 1 month later they are going bankrupt? The list goes on…

The past month amongst whisky drinking and great support. I have realised I really need to be more in tuned with ALL of my life signs. I can’t ignore the signs that go against my goal or wish, as they might save me from a lot of turmoil in the future. It may even be that the negative signs turn to a positive or brings a positive to you. In a way, what happened to me on my walk to my former prince was a sign that our night was not meant to be and our book is closed. It is not a happy sign indeed, however I now feel like a I am warrior in a size 36ish body. I realise I have amazing friends and a support network here in Holland. I also realise that even the smallest sign (a letter in the mail) is all we need to give us strength to move forward. Always take what you can from any event and this is what I have taken from this event that will now be added to my life chapter.

 I will take my new schoolgirl like crush on a new guy as a good sign that I am moving forward with life and getting normalcy again to my daily routine. Let’s see how that one goes as now I will be more aware of all signs. To be continued….

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